Who we are.

We're not an agency. We're not an algorithm. We're explorers.


We focus on bringing human ingenuity and the spirit of emotional exploration back to the greater content ecosystem. We are writers and speakers, videographers and designers, journalists and journeyists.


Everyone has stories. We want to tell them. 


Our team.

Travis Stewart

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Partner, Creative & Accounts

A storyteller and romantic at heart, Travis has lived and breathed content production for more than a decade. He's been a journalist, writer, and editor (for books, publishers, and brands), a live television and radio host, a videographer and audio producer, a lead SEO strategist, a social content director, and a lead agency content strategist for brands like Microsoft, American Red Cross, Avocados from Mexico, Orajel, and OxiClean. He's the Poe Dameron of content — he can fly anything. 

Jas Robertson

Partner, Operations & Accounts

Jas offers more than 12 years of experience in account roles, and seven years in leadership roles, at content marketing agencies. He has led large multidisciplinary teams through multi-year partnerships with enterprise clients to create integrated marketing programs, manage strategy, facilitate content production, and reimagine measurement for clients like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Argo Group, Sysco, and Microsoft.

Lauren Petersen

Project Manager

Detail-obsessed and deadline-driven, Lauren is a project manager with 6 years of experience overseeing the scoping, development, and production of multiple digital, email, and direct mail campaigns. Her work for brands such as Microsoft, SoFi, and AT&T spans the worlds of both acquisition and CRM. While a sucker for color-coded spreadsheets, Lauren’s true passion lies in fostering relationships with both client and internal teams to solve the seemingly unsolvable. Well, that and correctly predicting the Oscars.

Abby Kinsinger

Editorial Director

Abby’s background bridges publishing and marketing. She produced content for a global audience as an editor for American Way magazine before bringing that storyteller’s approach to the agency world. She’s led teams in creating magazines, podcasts, websites, campaigns, and more for clients such as DXC Technology, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Avocados From Mexico, and United Way. Abby loves snail mail, yoga, dictionaries, obscure holidays, and helping people find the right words.

Chelsey Shockley

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Partner, Audience & Strategy

Chelsey is both an expert in audiences and a soulful creator, offering a rare level of insight into how content should be framed and structured. Her business development, content, and marketing work for publishers, non-profits, and agencies gives her a sincere voice and unrelenting attention to detail. A sucker for small teams with big hearts and conscious brand missions, Chelsey spends every spare moment reading, learning a new skill, or walking her dog, Gus.

Lelde Taimina

Senior Program Manager

Lelde is a highly skilled and organized program manager with 9+ years of experience in project management and process improvement. She is passionate about driving brand awareness and lead generation through various digital channels. She specializes in making business and team processes more efficient, generating more revenue and cost savings – with detailed focus on customer engagement and retention. A certified ScrumMaster that’s driven by the belief that team success is fundamentally about people, not process.

Kate Crouse

Vice President of Strategy

Endlessly curious with a knack for solving problems in creative ways, Kate is a strategist with more than 10 years of marketing, UX, and branding experience. A history in publishing, B2B and B2C agency work, Kate has background developing strategies and marketing programs for a wide array of clients including HP Enterprise Services, DxC Technologies, McKesson, Avocados From Mexico, Lennox International, and more. An adventurer at heart, Kate loves traveling the world, trying new foods, and maintaining an encyclopedic knowledge of every movie fact you never knew you needed to know.

Megan Ball

Production Director

Megan believes producing great creative requires nothing more or less than a good idea, a commitment to the details and the willingness to see it through. That philosophy has led her to stand in the path of an Elk stampede, shovel snow to make November in Montana look like spring and encase a stuffed hamster in Jello mixed with melted gummy worms. It’s also led to 15 years of agency and production success creating content and campaigns for clients like T-Mobile, Toyota, Amazon, Nordstrom, Comedy Central, Sony Pictures and MTV.

Shawn Shinneman

Managing Editor

Shawn is a strategic thinker with an editorial sensibility. He came to Johnnie from the publishing world, most recently serving as online managing editor at D Magazine, a role that was a mix of creating new content and optimizing existing stories and packages to boost reader experience. His first love is writing, and to that end he's covered crime and other chaos, dived into wonky public policy, and profiled remarkable people for print and podcast. Much of his typing has also revolved around business: he's covered corporate tech and healthcare and produced content for DXC Technology.

Sarah Dymond

Digital Producer

Sarah is a content marketer experienced in production and project management. Creative and analytical, her superpowers lie in collaborating and advocating for the success of her team. She specializes in delivering campaigns, images, video, and design assets. Sarah’s always on the hunt to squash workflow inefficiencies, create new systems, and build lasting relationships. She’s an avid podcast listener, hobbyist videographer, dancer, and forever wants to hear your book and travel recs.

Julie Seamons

Digital Strategist

Julie has over 10 years of experience working in the entertainment and tech industries as a Social & Digital Strategist.  Her data driven mindset and creative instincts have brought a unique perspective to campaigns for Live Nation, Crimson Media Group, 20th Century FOX, HBO, Lionsgate, Clear Channel Radio - Los Angeles and Loop Now Technologies (Firework App). She was a keynote speaker for the SAWA Convention in 2016 and sat on a panel of Women in Entertainment for International Women’s Day in 2019. An endless explorer at heart, Julie became a certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers, and is on a constant mission to find the quintessential wine pairing for every dish. 

Ellen DeFeo

Communications Program Strategist

Ellen has experience in both Account and Project Management, combining her skills in strategic thinking, creative problem solving and organization. She comes from an agency background, working on digital campaigns for a variety of industries including Luxury Beauty, Financial Services, and Healthcare. Outside of work Ellen enjoys combining her love of traveling and being outside, and can often be found hiking, snowboarding or camping on the weekends.

Veronica Buehnerkemper

Project Manager

Veronica is constantly looking for ways to improve processes while helping the team remain focused on the project at hand. With a background in operations, she has helped scope, schedule, and project manage work with clients in tech, pharmaceutical, insurance, and education industries. Veronica’s love of problem solving and well-executed Excel spreadsheets certainly helps! 

Michaela Brandt

Digital Strategist

With a background in digital content marketing, Michaela is passionate about connecting audiences with the right content, brands, and products. She views data as the puzzle pieces to client success, and finds joy in finding the perfect fit of user experience and brand promise. A master of digital marketing tools, Michaela has created complex lead generation campaigns and analytics reports for a variety of clients, including Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services, Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Companies, Avocados From Mexico, SMU Cox School of Business, and more. When she’s not solving problems for clients, Michaela enjoys going on adventures with her dog, rooting for the Dallas Stars, and playing an obscene amount of board games with her husband.

Morganne Stewart

UI/UX Designer

Morganne is the Swiss army knife of design. She brings over 10 years of design experience, working in all aspects of design. She has had the luxury of a career filled with a variety of technical and creative challenges that have allowed her to look at a creative project and find the most effective structure and design. This experience has allowed her to work in many different industries that include: high-end luxury goods, military defense, publishing, and more. When she’s not working on her creative designs, you can find her traveling the world doing any extreme sport she can, trying out every hair color possible or writing hand-written letters (the backbone of any good designer) to all her friends.

Carly Weiner

Digital Strategist

Carly is an innovative thinker with extensive experience across content production, marketing, and program management. She loves to marry business acumen with creative panache to drive results and have fun along the way. When she’s not pursuing operational excellence, you might find her reading a book, sailing on the lake, or backpacking through the west coast.

Jonny Clinkenbeard

Director of Strategy

Jon is a “restless creative” who uses cutting-edge technology to do impossible things. With over ten years of agency work in NYC, he’s collaborated with some of the world’s biggest brands (Google, Samsung, Turner, etc.) to brainstorm, strategize, and produce innovative creative work. When he's not leading teams into battle, he's reading about neuroscience, trans-humanism, and quantum, or solving monochromatic 2000-piece puzzles for kicks. If you have an impossible problem, he's the one to call.

Ali Khanian

UI/UX Designer

Ali is a self-driven product designer who is passionate about empowering others and solving problems. With 5+ years of design experience, he has worked with brands like Shark Tank to major enterprise clients like PwC, Lincoln Financial Group, and Cognizant. He is a creative thinker who doesn’t always settle for the obvious solution. Pushing boundaries and not just pixels is the unique angle of his approach to design. When he’s afk, he’s really not, because he’s either drawing on his tablet or leading his squad in intense online RTS battles. Although, he does like to hit the weights to find balance.

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